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About Us

Majestic Mobile Pet Grooming has been in the pet industry for more than 10 years. We are very passionate about animals and want to provide the best quality grooming for your fur baby. We offer a soothing hydro massage bath to help them relax . We also offer cat grooming too! Majestic Mobile Pet Grooming looks forward to taking care of your fur baby.

Our mobile pet grooming truck is equipped with the following:

  • Hydro massage bathing system (delivers deep-coat cleansing action)

  • Air conditioning

  • Water heater

  • Hand blow dryer

  • Vacuum

  • Clean water and dirty water reservoir (does not leak dirty water underneath)


What our customers are saying about us

" We offer top quality service to your furry baby"

Peeping Pug
Our Team

The best pet grooming ever. They are very reliable & professional. The groomer always does an amazing job and takes really good care of my dogs and the managers knows what she's is doing and is always on point. Thank you Majestic Mobile we will see you in a few weeks :)

Steven Marin

Our Princess, who is a 2 yr old English bulldog is a lot to handle but boy Majestic Mobile Pet Grooming we're able to get the job done! We are so thankful and pleased to have her come back to us with her nails 💅 cut down, clean and they added a little bow to her. Thank you so much for taking care of our baby. For sure a definite recommend service to groom your fur baby.

Danielle B. Hale

Was very pleased with the service! My Chico will be a ongoing customer 🙂

Pretty  Kittee

We have been using Majestic Groomers for over a year for our 4 dogs. Diego is great! I like the consistency of the same person so my dogs know him. He is prompt, professional and does a great job. We had tried other groomers and never had the right fit. They are our permanent groomers for our fur children!

Holly Rosenberg

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